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BEST TIP: Hit with the force necessary to throw a 

handful of sand onto the green.
With an open stance, keep weight evenly distributed and play ball one inch forward of center, with club face slightly open. Make smooth three-quarter swing, letting chest turn away from target on backswing.

For plugged lies, keep more weight on left foot to let the club dig into the sand. Play the ball in the middle with a square club face and shaft leaning toward target. You don't have to swing hard.

To avoid leaving the ball in the sand, keep weight on front
foot and rotate chest throughout swing. Angle shaft away from hole. To avoid blading ball in sand, don't let left arm break down in downswing.

Try to take a shallow cut of sand -- about 10 inches long. Dig in with toes of shoes more than heels to set bottom
of swing below surface of sand. Hit with the same force you would use if you were throwing a handful of sand to the hole.For uphill sand shots, play the ball forward, keep more weight on the right foot, don't open the club face and
swing along slope.

For downhill sand shots, keep your head steady with more weight on left foot. Play the ball back, open the club face, make a steep backswing, full wristhinge and swing along the slope. For long bunker shots, make a relaxed pivot and full follow-through. Take a longer club, say a nine-iron, to get the right distance. When hitting from hard sand, use a pitching wedge and play a normal pitch shot.